Our Clients

From your advisor do you expect:

  • Specialist knowledge in his or her legal field?
  • Rapid implementation of your specifications?
  • Careful elaboration of long-term solutions?
  • A proactive and results-oriented approach with sensitivity and empathy?
  • Accessibility and swift response?
  • Transparency of costs?

Then you are in the right place! We work carefully, personally and commitedly for and with

  • individuals and entrepreneurs,
  • executors and administrators,
  • tax consultants, investment advisors and financial planners,
  • banks and family offices,
  • foundations, non-profit organisations and public-law corporations
  • at home and abroad.


Depending on the individual case and according to the agreement reached with you, we provide our services on the basis

  • of the legally fixed fees (Lawyer‘s Compensation Act)
  • at an arranged hourly fee with minute-based billing
  • or at a flat-rate fee.

An initial consultation up to one hour will be delivered at a price of 190.00 € plus 19 % VAT in accordance with § 34 RVG, therefore 226.10 € gross. We will provide you with our specialist knowledge and with sound legal advice right from the initial consultation.